Blender- 2 in 1 Nunix Blender


The 2-in-1 Nunix Blender and Grinder is a versatile appliance that combines the functionalities of both a blender and grinder in one compact unit.

With its 1.5L jug capacity, locking cover for safety, multiple speed options, and auto clean feature, this appliance offers convenience and efficiency for all your blending and grinding needs.

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2-in-1 Nunix Blender and Grinder – an innovative kitchen appliance that revolutionizes food preparation. This versatile unit seamlessly combines the functionalities of a blender and grinder into one compact design, saving you both space and time.
With a generous jug capacity of 1.5L, this appliance allows you to prepare large batches of smoothies, soups, sauces, or ground ingredients with ease. The jug is safely locked with a locking cover to prevent any accidental spills or mishaps during operation.
To cater to different recipes or preferences, the Nunix Blender offers four adjustable speed settings. Whether you need a gentle blend or high-speed pulverization, simply select the desired speed level for optimal results every time.
Cleaning up after use has never been easier thanks to the auto clean feature incorporated into this blender. Simply add water and detergent to the jug then activate the cleaning function for hassle-free maintenance.
Embrace versatility in your kitchen as you effortlessly blend fruits into refreshing smoothies or grind spices into fine powders with just one powerful appliance -the 2-in-1 Nunix Blender and Grinder. Experience convenience at its finest while enjoying culinary creativity like never before!
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Blender- 2 in 1 Nunix Blender